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Reduce electromagnetic radiation with Equilibrex

New Article by Dr. Joanne Flanagan:

Electromagnetic Pollution:
Hidden Stress Hazards in your House

Got stress? Did you know that electromagnetic frequencies
(EMFs) above the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe limit
are assaulting your brainwaves and body every day? Our natural state of wellness is being clouded with electromagnetic waves
of invisible radiation – powerful enough to blast wireless communication data through concrete walls and buildings.
Imagine how easily it travels through us, especially newborns and young children. We can’t see the smog of electro-pollution,
but it is affecting us.
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Stress relief, Mental power, why not both?
Many men and women in today’s society feel the effect of stress in their daily lives. The constant demands from our careers, relationships and the environment can substantially drain our energy. The result of that energy erosion can leave us unprotected and unable to deal with otherwise common problems. For some, most of this damaging process goes on undetected for years. 



Now there’s good news for all who want to experience life at its fullest. Now you can increase your overall energy level, get stress relief and substantially improve your mental focus.

 Introducing Equilibrex, the all natural, Bio-energy enhancer for a stress free life.*



This website should supply you with the information necessary to decide why Equilibrex may be right for you. Here you will discover answers to many of the frequently asked questions about Equilibrex, a simple step you can take today to help improve the quality of your life and improve your mental power.





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Equilibrex should be used as part of a complimentary mind program and exercise. Individual results may vary. The individuals shown are models, and not necessarily Equlibrex customers.

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" Equilibrex is a powerful tool! It can be used as an efficient stress reduction therapy that helps keep your energy flowing while blocking the effects of daily stressors. It's a good start for stress relief. It is simply a revolutionary device that shows steady results. I'm still amazed!"

Dr. Joanne Flanagan
Psychologist, Author.


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