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Equilibrex has conclusively demonstrated under rigorous testing that it changes the molecular configuration of the systems studied. Utilizing Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiment on the study of crystalline structures, we have been able to show that Equilibrex generates a strong Bio-field similar in nature, to positive and higher mental energy. 

In studying the effects of Equilibrex on aqueous systems, Vibralife Institute research laboratories have discovered fascinating facts on the effects of Equilibrex on its surrounding environment:


bulletEquilibrex manifests enough energy to purify and balance biological systems.
bulletEquilibrex reproduces vibrations capable of balancing emotions and blocking the effects of stressors.
bullet Equilibrex acts as a protective shield against incoming and  disrupting Electromagnetic Fields (TV, cell phones, computers, microwave ovens) and mental energies (pressure situation, emotional conflict).
bulletEquilibrex maximizes and increases our body's usage of energy by reducing the influx and processing of damaging energy waves.

The experiment

We obtained several samples of water from different sources for our experiment. The samples were then exposed to a variety of environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and pollution (see fig.1)

The samples were thereafter frozen at -25C and observed at an ambient temperature of -5C under a digital microscope.


The first part of the experiment consisted in observing the crystalline structure of the different samples:


Photos of crystals observed under a digital microscope at magnification of x200.


Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Polluted water from the Milwaukee river Water exposed to a heated argument Water exposed to light EMF


After the initial observations, we introduced Equilibrex (fig. 2) in the vicinity of the samples for various periods of time and observed the crystalline structures of those identical samples:



Sample 1  Sample 2 Sample 2
Polluted water from the Milwaukee River With Equilibrex Water exposed to a heated argument with Equilibrex. Water exposed to light EMF with Equilibrex.


The results

Equilibrex rearranged the molecular structure of all the samples studied, reversing the effects of pollution, Electromagnetic fields and stress. Equilibrex generated enough energy to realign the water molecules to their purest and most efficient configurations. 





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